It is no secret that adoption can be expensive. LFS is committed to working for families and helping them achieve their dreams with adoption. Below is a snapshot of each program and what fees can be associated with the cost. All adoptions are unique and lend themselves to different expenses, however you can count on that number as an idea for planning.

Domestic Adoption: These adoption fees include: birth parent expenses, staff time, finalization, legal fees for completing a non contested adoption, and all background checks. In the event you may need to be placed on hold or stop the process, you will not be charged for the remaining fees.

International Adoption: These adoption fees include: home study, education classes, post-placement services, support groups, and counseling.

Designated Adoption: Services vary according to situation.

Below are some resources that families can look into to save on the cost of adoption.

Adoption Funding Grants and Loans

The Federal Adoption Tax Credit- ;

CADE  The Tinina Q. Cade Foundations Family Building Grant is an annual award that provides up to $10,000 to needy, infertile couples for Domestic Adoption and IVF.

National Adoption The NAF’s grant can range from $500 to $2000 depending on the needs of the family and the circumstances surrounding the adoption. Grants are given quarterly. NAF also offers unsecured loans of up to $35,000 for people with a credit score of 640 or higher at an interest rate of 6.73% APR.

Gift of – Grants range from $1,000- $7,500. Applicants must have a complete home study in order to qualify. This can be used towards domestic and international adoption.

Americas Christian Credit – Loans offered up to $50,000 with a 8.65% APR for up to 84 months. They also offer an adoption grant. Can be used for domestic and international.

God’s Grace Adoption – Matches funding that you raise through family and friends up to $2,500. Must be Christian, married, and make less than $60k.

Help Us – Offers grants of $500-$15,000 depending on individual situations for domestic and international adoption. Families must have a completed home study to qualify.

Never Alone – Several grant programs for families adopting special needs children internationally. $5,000- $25,000 grants available.

Resources for – Buy a list of grants and loans available for adoptive families as well as a “budgeting toolkit”. The cost for this services is $29.29 for 3 months or $95.50 for a year.

A Child Waits Foundation- www.achildwaits.orgProvides grants and low interest adoption loans for international adoptions.

Show – Grants to be used towards adoption. Families must have a completed home study in order to apply.

ABBA – Interest free loans for Christian couples.

Katelyn’s Fund Orphan Ministry- www.katelynsfund.orgAn adoption advocacy organization that provides a limited number of grants.

Lifesong- – Offers grants and loans to Christian adopting families. They will also work with your church in providing grants and loans through donations.

Lydia – Financial assistance to Christian, married couples who are adopting internationally.

Employee Provided Adoption Benefits