Tres Hermanas Farm


Tres Hermanas is a program of Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains Refugee & Asylee programs in Albuquerque. Empowering New Americans through our agricultural programming—providing resources, education, and training to cultivate self-sufficiency, community integration, and strengthen cultural food security within New Mexico’s food landscape


“Empowerment through Agricultural Programming” Tres Hermanas Farm is named after the Three Sisters planting method which is an indigenous agricultural practice originating from indigenous communities in Mesoamerica. This traditional planting method involves intercropping corn, beans, and squash together in the same mound or field. Corn provides a structure for beans to climb, beans fix nitrogen in the soil for the benefit of all three crops, and squash serves as a ground cover, reducing weeds and retaining soil moisture, creating a mutually beneficial and sustainable growing system. Inspired by this reciprocal & synergistic growing practice, our program initiatives are designed to complement and enhance each other, reflecting this ethos of mutual support and sustainability.

SQUASH: Garden Training Program

Our garden training program provides home gardens to New Americans and/or connects New Americans with gardens within their community; easily accessible by feet, bike, or public transportation. This program offers participants tools, seeds, water and technical assistance to grow culturally appropriate produce close to home.

BEANS: Farm Training Program

The farm training program offers New American families a large piece of land in the North Valley or South Valley of Albuquerque at Rio Grande Community Farm (Home - RIO GRANDE COMMUNITY FARM ( or the Gutierrez-Hubbell Open Space (Grow the Growers - Community Services (, respectively. Farmers have access to advanced farm infrastructure such as a high tunnel, greenhouse, and wash station. Tools, seeds, irrigation, technical assistance & training, and market outlets for their produce are other benefits of the program.

Corn: Agribusiness and Food Business Support
Current business and land access avenues available to our participants include the Rio Grande Community Farm MicroFarming Program in the North Valley, Grow the Growers Farmer training program in the South Valley, local farmers & landholders, and connections with food business organizations like Three Sisters Kitchen and the Street Food Institute.

Roots: Education & Resources
We support all of our programs through education initiatives and supplemental programming for our participants.

  • Partnership with NMSU Extension ICAN Program to provide free, comprehensive Nutrition Education and Gardening Courses to program participants each year.
  • Partnership with Kula Yoga and our Intensive Case Management Program to provide Farm and Garden yoga classes to our clients - nurturing physicial activity, mental health, and enhacning awareness andinvolvement in our local food system.


Our garden partners

Our program currently supports over 15 family gardens at home, or garden at a community garden in Albuquerque. We partner with Bernalillo County Urban Agriculture Project to connect families with gardens.

Our farmers

Our farmers come from multiple different home countries including Colombia, cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar/Burma, and Uganda.

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Farm Locations

Los Poblanos Fields Open Space: 1701 Tierra Viva Pl NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107
Gutiérrez Hubbell House Open Space: 6029 Isleta Blvd SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105


We appreciate your support! If you'd like to make a monetary donation, kindly make your check payable to "Tres Hermanas Farm" and mail it to Tres Hermanas Farm/Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains, 230 Truman St. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108. Or you can donate through the LFSRM donate page and write “Tres Hermanas Farm” in the comment section. Thank you for contributing to our program!




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