Kristi and Kevin


We are Kristi and Kevin, and we are so excited to meet you!

Here’s a little bit about us. We were both born in New Jersey, moved to Littleton when we were little kids, and met each other after we had both moved back to Denver from far-flung places. We have both been back in Denver for about a decade. We met in 2015, started dating in 2016, and were married in 2019. That is also the year we moved into our cute and cozy house in the Baker neighborhood, to have room for a piano and a family.

Neither of us have had children before, but we feel deeply for you and are educating ourselves about all sides of adoption, from the difficult to the beautiful. We know that this education won’t be complete until we get to know you, and as we get to know one another, we also hope to form the basis of a caring and lasting relationship. We are enthusiastic about open adoption and know that the more people who love this kiddo, the better. We have a deeply rooted network of family both chosen and blood-related, and look forward to expanding it through this process.

We will love and cherish this kiddo the best way we can. We will share our love of books and music and nature and dogs - and especially books about musicals performed outdoors by dogs (if there is such a thing)! Kevin will read to them all the time and Kristi will play music for and with them all the time because that is what we love to do. Of course we know we cannot choose their interests and passions for them. We feel that the best we can do is teach them how to orient themselves and then be supportive of the directions they choose.

We invite you to take a look at our adoption book, and will close with a line from Kevin’s favorite songwriter, asking you to “take a chance with a couple of kooks hung up on romancing.”

Kristi and Kevin

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