Adoption at a Glance

Adoption at a glance – If you’re considering adoption, you probably have a lot of questions.  It’s important to make an informed decision. There are all sorts of options to think about. There’s nothing easy about placing a child for adoption. Take the time you need to gather information, think through your thoughts and questions, and then contact us, anytime. Our job is to help you explore all of your options, so you’re prepared. We want you to have an idea of what you can expect now and in the future.

Colorado is called an “agency state” which means that you are required to receive relinquishment counseling from a licensed child-placing agency if you are going to place your child for adoption.  This is a good thing for you. It protects expectant parents and allows them the counseling services they deserve.  The process varies based on each individual’s situation.

If you do decide to pursue an adoption plan, your counselor will talk with you about your preferences for an adoptive family and how open you would like the relationship to be. Open adoption is very common today.  It provides everyone involved with the opportunity to know each other and to have some level of ongoing communication. With open adoption, expectant parents and adoptive families get to know each other before placement, are able to exchange contact information, and keep in touch.

Your counselor will also help you develop a plan for your time in the hospital when you give birth.  Typically, the baby will go home with the adoptive family to begin bonding. If you should feel you need more time in making a decision, cradle care is available.  Cradle care is a temporary option. A licensed family cares for your baby while you make your final decision.  After birth, you will need to complete the legal paperwork so that the adoption can take place.  Your counselor can continue meeting with you for as long as you need for any separation, loss, and grief counseling.

We know that adoption is a difficult decision to make and not always the right choice for everyone.  We are here to listen and offer support during and after your pregnancy.

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